First, plan your goals before directory submission service

The challenge faced by most online businesses is obtaining good directory submission service. All the companies will claim for the best services but few will be able to achieve. Thus people have to constantly seek for quality based social bookmarking services from the service providers. One must have the goals and objectives clear in mind before looking for the service providers. One also needs to assess the business’s need and expected goals. It is also true that at times one need to undertake other preliminary measures before finalizing on directory submission service. The next step would be to conduct research on the firms offering social bookmarking service. There are numbers of firms offering the services but only a few would be able to back up their claims. Mostly people conduct the research on the Internet. But the question is how would you verify the credibility and authenticity of a firm? There are no parameters or clear-cut rules on this matter but you need to contact some of the older clients about their experience. And if possible one needs to visit the premises of that firm which can give you a rough idea about their authenticity. It is good to have face to face conversation with the firm you want to engage. Reenoy has a list of satisfied clients to verify and one can visit their premises any time for any query. You can find out more about them on


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What is the Title Tag?

You must have heard this “What is there in the name?” But I would say everything is in the name, similarly for the Website …Title Tag is very important. The title tag plays such a large role in the indexing of web site; it is considered the most important of the three.

A page title is the first thing a search engine will look at when determining just what the particular page is about. It is also the first thing potential visitors will see when looking at your search engine listing.

Always it’s important to include a keyword in the title tag — but don’t go overboard –which does nothing but make your web site look like spam. Most people will include either the company name, or title of the particular page. Title Tag is must for the search engine and it should be unique and keyword should be included.

What is there in the Title Tag? should be every thing is in the Title Tag.

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Google SEO precautions:

Ø  Make sure where money goes :

Once you know that Google never sells the ranking in search result than you should not pay as they rank first , second, third. Google works on organic ranking so SEO practice should organic, genuine, quality based not ranking based.

Ø  One should be very careful while hiring a SEO for the website. And sometimes little awareness and knowledge helps you to get proper SEO services and better ranking of website in organic way.

Ø  Take complete report where your website was when started than monthly ranking, work done on the site and how much time it will take for some important keywords.

Ø  Google SEO works in organic way so one should always work on quality based not quantity based, it should be genuine, and most important content should be killer and not over done and repitative.

Ø  Domain should be booked for longer period.

In Google SEO precautions is as important as SEO. One should be very careful for that.


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Google SEO advisable or not?

SEO is advisable? Yes it is advisable to hire SEO and I would suggest the best time is when you are planning your new website, that’s how your SEO can ensure that your site design is SEO friendly from A to Z. This doesn’t mean that you can not improve your existing site, SEO can help to improve current site. Google SEO can be at its best when site is  Google SEO friendly.

You should ask these questions to your SEO :

Ø  SEO have any success stories to tell?

Ø  Do they follow Google Webmaster Guidelines?

Ø  Do they offer online marketing services for organic search business?

Ø  How do you measure your success?

Ø  How much experience they have in the industry?

There are some unethical SEOs in the industry who have given the industry a black eye through their overly aggressive marketing efforts and their attempts to manipulate search engine results in unfair ways. If you violate the Google guidelines may result in a negative adjustment of your site’s presence in Google, or even the removal of your site from the index. Here are some things to consider:

Ø  Unknown mail saying that they are doing SEO and blab la bla.

Ø  No one can give you guarantee that your site will be on Google #1

You should be aware that no one can claim to guarantee about ranking of #1 cause it is      not possible as Google is working on organic ranking result. It doesn’t favor anyone so you should be aware of this. There is no priority submit for Google. The only way to submit a site to Google directly is through Add URL or  by submitting a Sitemap and which can be done by our self at no cost.

Ø  SEO should not create the deceptive content on your behalf, otherwise Google will through the entire site from the index. If an SEO has FTP access to your server, they should be willing to explain all the changes they are making to your site.


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Compromise on content is compromise on business development

Common advice Reenoy will give that you need to supply killer content and see that how content Is King and can talk the product and services. We also know that it must be pretty damn frustrating when everyone is telling you, how important content is but no-one is really telling you what constitutes the good content.

What is good content?   What is it that you want you" Content that talks for product"r reader to gain from your post? If you can supply that you’re on your way to providing killer content. See Reenoy can not say on behalf of everyone but I can definitely say that the content talks about the product, services, website, thought than content is killer and it has potential to get good traffic on the blog or on the website. One may differ for content to content that it is good, okay, not that impressive but as long as it servers the purpose of talking about the product in crisp and effective manner than you are done.

If you compromise on content that is compromise on business development that’s what Reenoy believe.

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Google SEO

Google  SEO can improve your site, but can also risk damage to your site and reputation. You have to be sure to research the potential advantages as well as the damage that an irresponsible SEO can do to your site. There are so many  SEOs and other agencies and consultants in the market which provides useful services for website owners, like:

Ø  Keyword research

Ø  Content development

Ø  Review site content, structure

Ø  Advice on hosting, redirects, error pages, use of JavaScript

Ø  SEO Training

Ø  Online business campaigns


There is myth in the market that if keep lot of content and publish blog website will be on top 10. But Google SEO doesn’t work that ways one should keep in mind that the Google search results page includes organic search results. Advertising with Google won’t have any effect on your site’s presence in the search results. Google never accepts money to include or rank sites in the search results, and it costs nothing to appear in the organic search results. You can have help from Google to optimize your site for organic search

One should be educated for the SEO than they can utilize the perfect use of Google SEO. One should know how search engines work.

So now if you are thinking of hiring an SEO I would suggest the earlier the better.

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Make Wonders With Words

There is a say for life is that Lady can create, and Lady can destroy similarly Reenoy says that words can create, and words can destroy. You know  that words can bring revolution, words express ideas and emotions. If the right words are not used it can lead to miscommunication and can destroy the image. One should be aware of this and as a result content-rich website can create a marked difference in its ability to bring in traffic. Innovative design, keyword rich and understandable content contributes in making a website attractive. A website needs to be interactive yet informative. The website should be clear about the products and services. The visitor needs to easily comprehend the content and get an overall view of the business type and its values. A well written and interactive website succeeds in inviting and retaining more traffic. This is the reason why the importance of content writing has increased dramatically. Reenoy is well aware of the strengths of content writing and therefore we are giving best content when quality comes.

You must have heard “First impression is last impression”…this applies everywhere. In this digital time people have very less time and in short time if you can impress someone than your job is half done. If you present your product and service in such a manner you can lead to good business. This means with the look and fill one must have quality of content which should be ….to the point thought process, crisp content, and should speak the product in perfect manner rather than moving around like wheel of fortune. That’s why Reenoy has developed the experienced and creative team who handles client requirements with care.

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Hot On Web

This days SEO is such a hot topic. I have seen people with the very little knowledge also say that I know seo , I can do it . But still he must be thinking that how to get my web site within the first page of the search engines? How do I increase my Ranking on search engine?

So many companies dedicate themselves full time for SEO for the website. People thing that this is unnecessary expense and we can do it,  but perfect SEO needs lot of techniques. SEO is not that easy that without perfect knowledge you can do it. Rather you have to have proper steps to follow first you need to have the proper site, proper domain name , perfect design which can do conversion of site very fast.

I can suggest some simple things which can help increase your chances of having good results. In no particular order, below are some technique which can help to increase your traffic.

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Magic of SEO

Why SEO needed ?

Hey You must be surprised by reading this. But this is truth.SEO- search engine optimization is like that. For each and every site there are certain magical word which work like magic.There are a few points which every search engine optimization engineer should remember. Going through this will not only get you a better SERP’s ranking but also will increase your Google PR.

Most of the People say why SEO? I will say why website ? If there is no visibility, there is no presence on web than why website? It is exactly like having a store inside without having the proper commercial place, look , and approachable place.Search engine optimization (SEO) is very important to websites. If you rank high in search engines, your website are shown to a huge number of target users. To start with, you have to pick a list of target keywords.

• The most important factor is to remember that all these should have a unique content and anchor text. As this is what I am using for several years successfully and which I am promoting as “Magic of  SEO ”.

• I have seen that people do submit articles to various sites and think there job is over. But if you really want your article to make headlines, you should make it as unique as possible.I think this the Magic of  SEO.

• Most of the SEO’s think that more link will get more and better PR which is one of the biggest rumors going around in the world of SEO.

• People often place common anchor text on hundred’s and thousands of sites as these can be identified by Search engines as link spam or a Black hat technique.

• One should avoid Link Farms, Avoid sites which offer thousands of links instantly by placing a folder on your site. This is one of the worst methods of getting link backs. When you  submit the directories, have a close look at the PR and the quality of the back link.

• Always one should use of all tags in the pages like title, description, keywords, header 1, header 2, alt of images by focusing on 10 main keywords for optimization.

• And I have seen that after Installing a sitemap script for your website if it has thousands of pages and set a corn to update it daily if you wish search engine’s to crawl your site regularly. You can find many such scripts on the internet today.

• Uniqueness is the main magic for your websites .Content should be unique than more chances are that it will rank at the top. So place your website content with some unbelievable words.


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What is SEO ?

What is  SEO  ?

SEO is  just abbreviation  for  Search Engine optimization . SEO is  one form of  Search Engine  marketing.

What Exactly SEO do ?

It is  a specific method of analyzing  and modifying  method of  webpages and   online portals. Actually  restructuring of websites  in whole is done Search engine experts.  Search engine  optimization experts actually  analyze whole websites and  restructure  website in a search engine friendly way.

Mainly , experts  analyze website  with reference to  google webmaster guidelines suggested  by Google itself  and provide guidance  who to make search engine friendly  websites which includes  creation  and placement of  different pages and its connection with  home page and internal pages. Each page has its own important  and its internal links to other pages including home pages.

There are various  search engines and each  search engine has its own guide lines.  Our experts suggest best way  to around almost  search engine  guideline, so you can have maximum benefit of  search  engine traffic

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